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Prototype – graphics, design, music, these are the things that appeal to his mind.

Having always been interested in these fields of art at first he treated his interests as a hobby.

He started doing some pencil sketches until he got involved into digital graphics.
In 2009, aside Moptron & ZENon, together they gave life to Yellow Label collective – the project that promotes drum and bass music around Poland and abroad. He’s the one responsible for both designing and maintaining Yellow Label website, (www.yellowlabel.pl), as well as doing project for posters, flyers, etc.

While Yellow Label grew up on stage, he also started collaborating with another group called Killa Beatz Crew. He prepares graphic projects for them as well.

Year 2011 gave him new opportunities, one of which is the partnership with even bigger project – Panzer Incus Recordings, settled by Brainpain (PL) and Dustin E. (USA)