Document Scanning

Sometimes, for one reason or another, you need to keep a hard copy of a document. The rest of the time, an electronic archive brings scores of business benefits. Our document scanning service is cost efficient, it takes up very little space, and it makes organising and retrieving files quick and easy.

We can scan your invoices and export them to digital format. Digital images can be returned on Hard Drive or USB flash drive. The physical copies can then be returned to you.

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  • Documents collection
  • 1 x File storage (will be added to the total price)

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  • Documents collection
  • 2 x File storage (will be added to the total price)

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Can you collect and deliver my documents for me?

Yes, we can.

Can you scan colour and black and white?

Yes. Documents can be scanned in colour or mono and format to a high quality digital output.

What document sizes can you scan?

We can scan most sizes of documents including, small format tickets, receipts and expenses. All formats from A4 down.

What formats can you output my scanned images to?

Common formats to export scanned images to are PDF and JPG.

What will happen to my documents after scanning?

We return them to your premises.

Do I need to sign for my documents on collection and delivery?

Yes, once we have collected your documents,  we need to record that they are in our possession. This gives you and us proof that the documents were collected, together with a date and time.


Document collection

1 x File storage

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